Two Popular Volvo XC60 Safety Features

The team at Continental Volvo Cars Anchor has the new Volvo XC60 here at the lot, and these are a few of the popular safety features that make this the popular luxury compact SUV of the year.

Backing up your new XC60 is easier and safer than you might have imagined thanks in part to the Cross-Traffic Alert system. If the vehicle is shifted into reverse, rear sensors are activated and will begin to scan in either direction for traffic that could be right behind your vehicle in a short while, giving you enough time to take the needed precautions.

The Blind Spot Information system that is equipped with your new vehicle was designed to reduce incidents of changing lanes into traffic. When the radar technology from the Volvo XC60 identifies another vehicle in your blind spot, the side mirror flashes so you are aware where to avoid while you maintain your driving lane.

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