Volvo S60: Luxury & High-Tech Safety

Volvo S60 acquires new legions of fans annually and continues to be a luxury compact sedan with great popularity, thanks to its smart handling, sporty-sophisticated look and power. It also has the kind of class-leading safety features that make our Continental Volvo Cars Anchorage team sit up and take notice.

City Safety

City Safety is Collision Avoidance Technology that enables the Volvo S60 to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and even large animals within its vicinity. If a front-impact collision becomes a strong possibility, City Safety brakes automatically to prevent a collision or to minimize crash impact.

Rear Collision Mitigation Support

This feature comes in handy when you're driving through Anchorage, but also on the highway. It automatically adjust tension of safety belts after detecting an imminent impact from the rear. The tightened safety belts keep you and your passengers safely restrained.

We invite you to test drive the Volvo S60 at our dealership today. Experiencing it with your own eyes is the best way to appreciate all of its beauty and brains.


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