We care about our readers being prepared for winter to help prevent them from experiencing bad car problems in the bitter cold. Staying on top of your vehicle maintenance checkups is one of the best things you can do. You can have your vehicle serviced at Continental Volvo Cars Anchorage just before winter arrives to prepare for the cold months.

Two of the most important maintenance tasks for safe winter driving are checking the battery and tires. Low temperatures are hard on your car's battery. If the battery volt is too low, you want to change the battery now before the weather gets too cold. Worn and underinflated tires are dangerous. Put them on icy roads, and they are even riskier. Before winter, you should inspect your tires to see how worn the treads are. Also, check the tire pressure every month throughout winter.

Taking care of your car prevents expensive and inconvenient car troubles. Just before winter arrives, you should examine your tires and battery. Have them replaced if needed.

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